Network Management for the New Breed of Net-Centric Tactical Vehicles

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Net-centric tactical vehicles are being designed to be more survivable than ever and to include the latest in ruggedized networking, weapons and communications equipment. An important consideration for designers of these next-generation vehicles is that they include built-in diagnostic monitoring solutions that can alert the operator to critical network faults and IT performance issues, especially within the vehicles’ communication infrastructure. After all, being in constant contact with C4 operations and the ability to receive real time terrain, environment or combat operations data is of vital importance to the safety and success of the mission.

WhatsUp Gold, originally designed by a member of the network management team at the United States Military Academy at West Point, meets the need for an easy-to-use, high-visibility solution for monitoring these mission-critical networks. That founding principal is just one of the reasons WhatsUp Gold continues to address the needs of virtually every Defense and Civilian Agency in the federal government, and is the leading network monitoring solution designed for tactical vehicles and deployed network infrastructures.

In this informative webinar, you will learn how a network management solution for tactical vehicles can offer:

  • An agent-less solution that can be rapidly deployed
  • A small footprint software solution with secure and powerful monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities
  • A simple user interface and ease of use for service personnel of all experience levels in the field

We invite you to learn more about the WhatsUp Gold, a cost effective network management solution that provides complete IT situational awareness for net-centric tactical vehicles. Join us and see why, the Army, Navy and Air Force all have chosen WhatsUp Gold!

Jeff Johnson Sr. Federal Account Manager Ipswitch
Rich Makris Sales Engineer / Deployment Specialist Ipswitch