Balancing Openness and Compliance, A Data Dichotomy?

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Today’s business and Government leaders are faced with the often conflicting responsibilities of: the need for openness to ensure maximum visibility to customers and constituents, the need for interoperability between systems to eliminate data duplication and increase efficiency within the IT infrastructure, and the requirement to virtually guarantee data privacy and information protection. To an organization, which of these responsibilities is the most important depends on the nature of their business. But, to most people privacy is, or should be, the major concern. Or, one could take the position of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in January 2010 when he said, "Privacy is no longer a social norm". Whether or not one agrees with this position, ignoring the laws and regulations governing data privacy compliance and information protection is not an option for Government and Business leaders. The question is how to balance these responsibilities.

In this Webinar, Mr. Dennis E. Wisnosky former CTO and Chief Architect of the DoD Business Mission area and Karen Hsu, Data Privacy Director, Informatica will provide an overview and a forum to discuss:

  • The magnitude of the problem and how critical data internal to an organization can be exposed
  • Best practices in data management technology
  • Potential solutions that lower costs for data privacy compliance and information protection across production, test, and training environments including the: Definition and discovery of data that needs to be protected,
  • Application of data masking
  • Auditing of masked data to show continuous data privacy compliance


Dennis E. Wisnosky
Former Chief Architect and Chief Technical Officer of the Department of Defense
Karen Hsu
Data Privacy Director, Informatica
Dennis E. Wisnosky Former Chief Architect and Chief Technical Officer DoD
Karen Hsu Data Privacy Director Informatica
Chris Archer Editor IDGA