Use Sequestration to your Advantage: How ‘Better Buying Power’ is Enabled Through Interoperability in Open Architecture

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Sequestration might be a good thing! – It could be a catalyst for change.

Is interoperability the key tool to meet the "Better Buying Power" goals of productivity improvement, rate of innovation adoption and the promotion of real competition? Just how will the CNO’s vision of "Trucks and Payloads" be realized? How is the Navy’s approach similar to the Army’s COE initiative? How does this align with other similar initiatives across the services?

Most importantly of all, what’s the supply chains perspective? What’s in it for them?

In this interactive webinar we will debate the rise of interoperability as a key goal in system architecture. What is it really? How is it achieved? And is it a good thing to make it a top-level goal?

Join our interactive webinar to debate and learn more about the opportunity in sequestration.

Presented by:

Gordon Hunt – Chief Applications Engineer, RTI

Kirk Avery – Chief Software Architect, Mission Systems and Sensors, Lockheed Martin

Gordon Hunt Chief Applications Engineer RTI
Kirk Avery Chief Software Architect Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors (MS2)