Downloading Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress

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Downloading Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress: Digitally Delivered, Evidence-Based Tools for Self-Administered Healing

This is part one of the webinar by Belleruth Naparstek. This presentation will cover:

• Uploads, Apps and Avatars: Practical, Effective New Approaches
• Benefits of Electronic Self-Help
• Effective, Downloadable Methods for Combat Stress, PTS & MST
• Evidence for the Efficacy of Guided Imagery and Other Immersive Mind-Body Tools
• The latest uses of virtual technology for training and treatment

Part two of the presentation is called:

Lessons Learned from Treating PTS: Soldiers Teach Therapists about Do's, Don't's & Understanding Military Culture

Part two of the webinar will cover:
• Hard Lessons Learned for BH from Soldiers & Veterans over the Past 10 Years
• Warrior Values, Norms & Language
• Tips for Therapists from Soldiers: What to Do, What Not to Do
• Effective Methods for Combat Stress, MST and PTS
• Evidence for the Efficacy of Guided Imagery and Other Immersive Mind-Body Tools

This presentation was delivered live at the Military Behavioral Healthcare Summit 2013 - and received the highest delegate evaluation. This is a must watch for all military healthcare professionals, industry and independent physicians.

Presented by:

Belleruth Naparstek LISW, BCD
Health Journeys

Belleruth Naparstek Founder Health Journeys
Chris Archer Editor IDGA