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Lightening the Load: Designing Lighter Products and Components for the Warfighter

This FREE webinar was recorded on:
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
11:00 PM - 12:00 PM EDT
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Lightening the Load: Designing Lighter Products and Components for the Warfighter

Our warfighters must constantly adapt to changing conditions, as so must their equipment. The increasing presence of insurgents has moved the fighting into urban areas, bringing new challenges. Equipment must be adapted to these changes to achieve the increased flexibility, durability, and functionality required. In this webinar, Ben Harrison and Mario Del Real of Kaysun Corporation will examine just how instrumental plastics are in meeting the defense industry’s demands. Topics will cover plastics’ many advantages over metals, from its lighter weight and resistance to corrosion to its more efficient and adaptable manufacturing processes. Harrison and Del Real will also address plastics’ greater freedom of design, precise and consistent achievement of tight-tolerance requirements, and lower cost to produce, ship, and maintain.

The webinar will include case studies illustrating how Kaysun Corporation, a company with 60 years’ expertise in plastics engineering, has helped defense manufacturing partners overcome significant design challenges and decrease their total costs through innovative engineering of polymers. These examples will give participants a clear understanding of the range of solutions available with these versatile materials.


Benjamin Harrison
President and CEO
Kaysun Corporation

Kaysun Corporation is led by Ben Harrison who is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Kaysun and its deep commitment to its employees and its clients who rely on Kaysun as their partner for high quality, critical use products. Ben has a special interest in Kaysun’s success as he and another family member, Dave Robinson, purchased the company from Ben’s father, Richard Robinson in 2007. In 1974, Richard bought Kaysun and focused the company on the design and manufacture of highly-engineered plastic products. Decades later, this remains Kaysun’s focus under Ben’s leadership.

Mario Del Real
Sales Engineer
Kaysun Corporation

Mario Del Real brings more than 12 years’ experience in thermoplastic manufacturing to Kaysun Corporation. With experience in a wide variety of major industries, he has been involved every step of the manufacturing process from material selection to approving process-control plans. He has worked in design, development,
manufacturing and sales capacities, a range of expertise that makes him a highly able problem-solver. As a product engineer, Mario ensures that the product in development met or exceeded client expectations.