Wildfire Management Summit 2020

The need to effectively manage and suppress wildfires has grown more and more evident. When climate change related weather events like drought and storms are combined with the build-up of extremely dry forest brush and other materials that serve as potential fuel loads, wildfires can grow to immense and unmanageable sizes with the smallest spark and the right wind and temperature conditions.  

California's 2020 fire season has been the largest ever recorded, burning over 4 million acres, and has resulted in 37 deaths. This year's devastating fires are not just an anomaly. According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, fire season in California and across the Western United States starts earlier and ends later with each passing year. Nor is the United States the only hotspot for deadly wildfires. Between 2000 and 2017, 611 firefighters and civilians died in wildfires in European Union countries, with economic damage calculated at more than 54 billion euros ($60.5 billion). Australia, which has long been known for its deadly bushfire seasons, saw its historic 2019-2020 fire season burn over 46 million acres and kill 34 people.

These examples of continued frequency and intensity of wildfires continue to show that effective wildfire management is a principal issue for governments, companies and the public at large.  Numerous US states, the US federal government and fire agencies around the world are adjusting budgets, tools, technology and practices to better respond to the growing risk of wildfires. The US federal government spends over $3 billion annually on wildfire management through various agencies including the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior, while states like California are set to spend just under $500 million in 2020-2021.

The Wildfire Management Online Summit, taking place digitally this December 9 - 11, 2020 aims to promote collaboration, coordination and communication across the varied agencies involved in wildfire management throughout the US and the world. Our speakers, events and programs will address the use of innovative strategies and emerging technologies for more efficient wildfire prediction, prevention, detection and suppression. Our Summit will use the innovative online conference platform Brella, which provides capabilities for social-media like networking and live Q+A with our esteemed speakers. Join us and participate in the premier forum for interfacing with key government, industry and research personnel across the wildfire management industry.

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Main Themes Include:

Interagency Collaboration

Aerial Firefighting

Communications Tools and Infrastructure

Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technologies

Risk Management

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