Eric Loeb

Customer Facing Data Scientist DataRobot

Dr Loeb built the first website at every level from the White House to the City of Cambridge while pursuing his MIT PhD in cognitive & computational neuroscience. He designed and helped a major party's integrated voter file and online systems, after which he founded that party's analytics program. He was the the analytics lead for a winning Presidential campaign in 2008, and then a political appointee in the DoD. Dr Loeb is currently a customer facing data scientist at DataRobot, where he assists federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, with the planning and execution of their data science programs.

Main Day Two

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018


• Implementing AI in any agency requires executive buy-in and a clear road-map of use cases to pursue
• All of the topics of this conference can yield valuable use cases (examples in cyber security)
• To see use cases everywhere, think about how your organization’s human processes can benefit from better accuracy when making decisions (examples from
border protection)

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