Videos & Presentations

Synthetic Training and Virtual Reality: More about results than reality

This video offers an introduction to how Defense is utilizing the gaming industry and 3D designers' expertise (and budgets) to optimize operations within the military. The full article, originally written for DefenceIQ, reiterates the importance of focusing on precise and acute results as the bottom line over high-tech designs and functionality. The impact VR and 3D imagery have on users can be great if properly executed.

LIVE RECORDING of The Disruptive World & the Integrated Force, by Jennifer McArdle

YouTube recording  of Jennifer McArdle, Assistant Professor of Cyber Defense at Salve Regina University, presenting at the Royal Australian Air Force's Air Power Conference of 2018.

Preparing Rotary Wing Pilots for In-Theatre Challenges Through Maximising Training Capabilities

In this presentation, Colonel Kelly Hines, Commander of the 110th Aviation Brigade,  discusses the vision and goals for training the world’s best combat aviators.