Past Presentations Packet Part 1

Presentations from the 13th Homeland Security Week, October, 2018:

  • Transforming Your Agency to a Zero-Trust Architecture - Tony Lauro, Director, Security Strategy, Akamai Technologies
  • Securing High-Value Assets: DHS's Federal Approach - Michael Duffy, Deputy Director (Acting), Federal Network Resilience Division Office of Cybersecurity and Communications National Protection and Programs Directorate
  • Advanced Technology in Surveillance - Major General Rob Goff, USA (ret), Benchmark Integrated Surveillance Solutions
  • NNSA’s Strategies for Enhancing National Security and Reducing the Global Danger from WMD - The Honorable Lisa Gordon Hagerty, Under Secretary for Nuclear Security, U.S. Department of Energy

Past Presentations Packet Part 2

Presentations from the 13th Homeland Security Week, October, 2018:

  • Missing Links in the Blockchain -  Anil John, Technical Director, Silicon Valley Innovation Program, Department of Homeland Security
  • Leveraging Mobile Biometric Solutions in Border Security and Law Enforcement Operations  - Lawrence (Laurie) Pane, Senior Vice President, Grabba International
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Tim Conway, Technical Director, SANS
  • Best Practices in Enterprise Asset Management - Douglas Morgan, Esquire, Vice President, Legal & Administration, STS International; Bob Caviness, Program Director, Enterprise Asset and Logistics Management, STS International

Mission Solutions for Homeland Security

Joe Cloyd is the Technical Fellow & Director, Network Solutions OU at Northrop Grumman Technology Services. He discusses securing wireless communications for first responders, ensuring reliability and survivability of products in austere environments, and utilizing custom flexibility solutions to meet changing plans and mission sets.

Nuclear Terrorism Impacts and Zoned Approach to Response

Josh Dozor is the Director, Planning Division, Response Directorate at the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He discusses understanding the full severity of nuclear terrorism threats, deep dive into DHS plans and policy for responding to an incident, and developing cross departmental relationship to ensure effective response.

Requirements for Biometrics and Technical Support to Homeland Security Investigations

SA Rodger L. Werner, Unit Chief, ISIM, ICE-HSI gives an overview of current Homeland Security Investigations, facial/iris/voice biometrics requirements, and multi-sensor data fusion.

“Finding The Needle In The Haystack”

Gain New Methods For Effectively Sorting Through Large Amounts Of Video Data

  • Advancing capabilities to process, exploit and disseminate data to deliver actionable intelligence
  • Real time analysis, filtering data as it is collected to enhance operations
  • Integrating data with open architecture and flexible systems

Dr. Terry Adams, Program Manager Intelligence Advanced Research, Projects Activity (IARPA)