Threats to Our Nation's Security at Home and Abroad

The capabilities and lack of capabilities that currently exist around our nations border. What the threats to our nations security at home and abroad are, and how we should be able to mitigate these threats. Allen Gina speaks about this and how CT Strategies, a subsidiary of Command Consulting Group, helps to make all of that possible.

Current and Developing Advanced Security Technology

Unmanned aerial vehicles and biometrics are just a couple of border control technologies. Allen Gina, Co Founder of CT Strategies, speaks about the current and developing advanced border security technology. What some of the borders weaknesses with technology are, and whether it may be a violation of civil liberties. Also touching on what might cause a breakdown in communication between agencies.  

Immigration Problems and Border Management

Illegal immigration, criminal activity and the biggest adversaries for the United States. Allen Gina Co-Founder of CT Strategies, a subsidiary of Command Consulting Group, speaks about border control issues such as these. As well as how they might tie into an important topic during election season.