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2018 Critical Facets to Homeland Security - Vol 3

In advance of our 2018 Homeland Security Week,  we’ve made it our mission to keep you informed one the latest innovations in Directed Energy, Intelligence Analytics, Critical Infrastructure, Robotics, Cyber Security, Global ID Management and more to help you keep your eye on the big picture view of Homeland Security.

HSW - Cyber Security Agenda-at-a-Glance

We created a customized Cyber Security Agenda for you! Explore our hand-picked sessions we think you would find most beneficial!

HSW Border Security Agenda-at-a-Glance

We have created a quick Homeland Security Week Border Security Agenda-at-a-glance so you can see all of the sessions that we have created to cover this timely and important topic. 

HSW Intelligence Agenda-at-a-glance

The HSW Team created an easy to read Intelligence Agenda-at-a-Glance - take a look today to see the excellent speaking faculty that we have in store for you!

Exclusive Interview with DHS and District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency


Ahead of the upcoming Homeland Security Week this October 22-24, 2018 in College Park Marriott, Hyattsville, MD, we spoke with two of our speakers to hear about their most current challenges and solutions, which includes:

* Expanding responsibilities into non-traditional areas of practice
* Attacks on web-accessed accounts as well as centralized control systems (SCADA)
* Aging infrastructure
* Availability of skilled resources to modernize and architect AI and Blockchain solutions
* Guiding the District’s approach to expanding the internet of things (IoT)
* AI technologies, data analytics and visualizations tools in predictive analysis

Best Practices in Maintaining Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems

Covers Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) best practices developed by STS over the past five (5) years to maintain Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) systems in an austere environment

2018 Homeland Security Briefings

We worked closely with our partners at Homeland Security Newswire to bring you the most up-to-date news on what is happening in the world of Homeland Security.  Covering topics from AI, Securing power grids, remote sensing data to identify nuclear threats and more, this briefing will bring you the information that you need to know now.

Best Practices In Enterprise Asset Management: HSW 2018 Whitepaper

Written By Douglas Morgan and Bob Caviness, this report covers EAM best practices developed by STS International over the past five (5) years in order to maintain Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems (NIIS) at a high operational availability rate with reduced costs.