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June 26 - 28, 2019
Arlington, VA.

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Directed Energy Systems 2019 Onsite Event Guide

IDGA’s 4th Annual Directed Energy Systems Summit will provide a means to discuss the ongoing efforts to develop and deploy directed energy systems in support of U.S. national security priorities and battlefield superiority. Directed Energy systems and weapons offer a unique response to rapidly em ...

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2018 Directed Energy Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2018? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: prominent speakers, attendee statistics, top-rated content, top takeaways from 2018, what to expect in 2019, and much more!

Directed Energy Systems 2019: Current Attendee Snapshot

Take a peek at who you can expect to network with on-site based on our 2019 Attendee Snapshot. Contact us today and find out more on how to join this list! Alternatively, feel free to send your request to to receive your copy via email.

Past Attendee List

Here is a list of titles, agencies and organizations who signed up for the Directed Energy Systems Summit last June!

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Exclusive Content

Directed Energy Outlook: Preparing for Full Deployment

In this exclusive Q&A, Harry Sinsheimer, Deputy Director, Joint Directed Energy Transition Office (DE JTO), answers the following questions:What DE priorities will/should take precedence in 2019 and 2020?How can we best prepare to move out of development and onto deployment?What are the largest challenges today in integrating HELs?Tentatively, what are...

U.S. Directed Energy Priorities to Achieve Battlefield Overmatch

To achieve battlefield overmatch and superiority, the U.S. is working to expedite DE programs and initiatives for operationalization in the near term. With this in mind, we took a look at recent directed energy developments in China, Russia, and the United States. Download this report to learn all about how...

The Future of Directed Energy: Insight from the U.S. Army & Air Force

We sat down with Colonel Richard Haggerty and Dr. Boris Zhdanov to discuss:How the FY 2018 budget appropriations affected directed energy (DE) programs Where DE acquisition and force integration is heading in FY 2019Priorities for research and development  Colonel Haggerty is the ninth Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets, Threat Simulators and...

Tracking the Latest Military Developments in Directed Energy Systems

We took a look at some of the latest developments taking place in the directed energy space. There has yet to be significant progress in directed energy weapons and although the technology for the most part is here, lasers have to get more efficient and reliable for contracts to be...

Past Presentations

Past Presentation Packet

In preparation for Directed Energy 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:Enhancing and Developing Directed Energy Testing: Colonel Richard Haggerty, Project Manager ITTS, PEO STRIImplementing DES Into the Shorad Strategy to Counter Group 1 UAS: Col (R) John Haithcock,...

Enhancing and Developing Directed Energy Testing

Colonel Richard Haggerty, Project Manager ITTS, PEO STRI, presents on enhancing and developing DE testing. PEO STRI is the leading office in the army, collaborating with all services of the DOD and armed forces to Mature and transition DE test technologies. The office is focused and determined to enable and...

Implementing DES Into the Shorad Strategy to Counter Group 1 UAS

Col (R) John Haithcock, Director, Fires Battle Lab, Fires Center of Excellence, presents on:DES battle management and fire controlEfficient power fire and versatile applicationsUnit level DES SHORAD capabilities

Providing Distributed Lethality with Directed Energy and Kinetic Platforms

Colonel Michael “Moses” Thompson, Chief, Advanced Weapon Systems Division, ACC USAF, presents on:Warfighters perspective for future requirements, capabilities and integration of DE weapon systems on fighter jetsEnabling crew and asset survivability while increasing air superiorityAdvancements in Precise turbulence correction and laser beam pointing for mission success

Defense Laser Weapons for Air Mobility Platforms

Dr. Donna C. Senft, Chief Scientist, Air Mobility Command, US Air Force, presents on:Future plans for DE integration on air mobility assetsEnabling global mobility and operational freedomChallenges and Opportunities

Integrating DE Technology to Counter UASs and Forward Base Defense

Dr. Michael Jirjis, Directed Energy Experimentation, Lead, Strategic Development, Planning & Experimentation, US Air Force, presents on:US Air Force flight planEnabling precision engagement and interceptionTargeting group 1 and group 2 unmanned aircraft

Joint Laser Systems Effectiveness Joint Test

Mr. Scott Boyd, Director JLaSE Joint Test, NSWC Dahlgren, presents on:JLaSE and J-FLaME joint feasibility study updateIntegration of DEL systems into the Joint Targeting Cycle focusing on capabilities analysis, weapons, and damage estimationCollateral and civilian concerns for employment

Energy Storage and Power Systems for DEW Applications

Rich Schroeder, Director, Business Operations, EaglePicher Technologies, presents on energy storage and power systems.

High Energy Laser Technology for the Multi-Domain Battlefield

Thomas Webber, Director, USASMDC/ARSTRAT Technical Center, presents on:Demonstrating HEL Technology on Mobile systemsAccelerating HEL Technology to the WarfighterVision for future HEL Technology Development and Fielding

AFSOC Airborne High Energy Laser Initiative

Lieutenant Colonel Oluyomi “Yomi” Faminu, Division Chief of Technology, SOCOM, presents on the AFSOC airborne high energy laser initiative.

Energy Magazines for Directed Energy Weapons and Back-up Power

Don Klick, Director Business Development, Leonardo DRS Naval Power Systems,and Carlos Aguirre, Senior Manager Business Development, Leonardo DRS Land Electronics, present on energy magazines for DEW and back-up power.

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