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Directed Energy Systems 2019 Onsite Event Guide

Directed Energy Systems 2019 Onsite Event Guide

IDGA’s 4th Annual Directed Energy Systems Summit will provide a means to discuss the ongoing efforts to develop and deploy directed energy systems in support of U.S. national security priorities and battlefield superiority. Directed Energy systems and weapons offer a unique response to rapidly emerging global threats, one that has grown in popularity across the Services, DoD, and the Federal Government.

Join us as we discuss:

* DoD and MIlitary Roadmap For Directed Energy Systems
* Operational Challenges and Advantages of DES for the 21st Century Warfighter
* Implementing HEL DES Into the SHORAD Strategy to counter Group 1 UASs
* Advancements in Power Re-Generation, Storage, and Thermal Management Solutions for Directed Energy Systems
* Roadmap for High Power Microwave DES Weapons Development

To get a copy of the full event agenda via email, contact us here

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