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Biometrics for Government & Law Enforcement 2021 Agenda

The 2021 Vision:  Enhancing Security in the Government and Law Enforcement with Innovative Biometric Data and Technology. Biometric technology has altered and transformed security in the United States and beyond. The fiscal year 2021 Budget request of $200M for the Office of Biometric and ...

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Current Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at the industry professionals that will be attending the 14th Annual Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement Summit this 2020. Don’t miss your opportunity to build relationships with these decision-makers.


Exclusive Interview with the Department of Justice's James Loudermilk

James Loudermilk, Senior Level Technologist of the DOJ, is interviewed on how a mobile fingerprinting application would help the FBI, What rapid DNA collection and analysis technology would do for the booking process, what some of the key challenges facing biometrics in the DOJ are, and more. You can download...

Whitepapers & Reports

Facial Recognition: Art or Science?

Today, innovative facial recognition technology techniques make it possible to generate investigative leads regardless of image quality. Part science and part art, these techniques offer your agency the opportunity to cut through the frustration and generate higher-quality leads to protect. Courtesy of Vigilant Solutions. Read today!

Defining Person Centric Identity Management Systems - Why it Matters

Identity has become a core vehicle that enables governments, commercial enterprises and individuals to conduct a diversity of business functions such as financial transactions, transit across national borders, enforce laws, transfer monies, secure infrastructure, and access personal and government devices. Pillars of success require that identity be both private and...

Market Report: A Glance at the Countries Leading the Biometrics Revolution

We took a look at the top countries investing the most into biometrics and identity management technology. According to a market report published by Credence Research Inc., the global biometrics technology market is expected to reach US$34.5 billion by 2022. The report emphasizes that the primary factor influencing the growth...

New 2020 Content!

Breakdown FY20’S Major Biometrics & Identity Management Initiatives

Biometrics is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of national security. For example, in 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order requiring that the top 20 U.S. airports use biometric technology and facial recognition by 2021 for all international passengers. Earlier this year, he signed the National Strategy to Combat Terrorism...

20 Global Projects Shaping the Future of Biometrics [Interactive Map]

Use our interactive map to travel around the world and discover how 20 global government and law enforcement are leveraging biometrics to enhance security and reduce fraud. Learn more about projects such as:How Japan is using facial recognition to streamline air travel and payment systems How China built the world's...