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International Military Helicopter USA 2020 Online Agenda

IDGA's 5th Annual International Military Helicopter USA Online Event will provide a means to discuss the ongoing efforts to meet the next generation of innovative rotary winged assets to bolster air and battlefield overmatch. The US Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program will develop th ...

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International Military Helicopter USA 2019 Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2019? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: attendee statistics, what to expect in 2020, and more!

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Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the upcoming International Military Helicopters Summit this July in Washington D.C. and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

International Military Helicopter USA Past Attendee Snapshot

Top US Armed Forces officials are already signing up to join us at the summit. Take a look at last year's attendee list and let us know if you would like to join these experts.

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International Military Helicopter Past Presentation Packet [Zip File]

Download 7 presentations from the 2019 International Military Helicopter summit!Guiding FVL Contracting Solutions to Meet Timelines in Support of Army & Unified Land Operations Mr. Joseph Giunta, Executive Director, Army Contracting Command - Redstone Working Collaboratively with the U.S. Government to Develop and Transition Innovative Vertical Lift Technologies Dr. Gerry...

Military Helicopters FY21 Budget Highlights Part I: Future Vertical Lift Scheduling

The Army is dedicating significant resources to helicopter modernization and has increased its budget by 20% over the past year to $1.1 billion for FY21. Future Vertical Lift (FVL) is one of the army’s “big six” modernization programs outlined in October of 2019, and, it’s funding will be pulled from...

Military Helicopters FY21 Budget Highlights Part II: Maintenance & Modifications

In Part I of this infographic series, we explored the key investments and strategic priorities of the DoD’s helicopter modernization approach, the Future Vertical Lift Program. As exciting as these modernization efforts are, at $1.1 billion total, they represents only a fraction of the $56.9 billion the DoD plans to...

Future Vertical Lift: How We Got Here (Investing in Vertical Lift Modernization - Part I)

Understanding the drivers of vertical lift modernization is key to informed decision making about the trade-offs involved in future investment options. This analysis, by Gabriel Coll and Andrew Hunter of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, looks at how the United States arrived at vertical lift modernization’s current state...

Prospects for Future Vertical Lift (Investing in Vertical Lift Modernization - Part II)

This expert analysis, by Gabriel Coll and Andrew Hunter of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, explores prospects for vertical lift modernization in the coming decades, the timing and pace of FVL, potential upgrades to the current fleet, and long-term options for FVL.

Whitepapers & Expert Insights

Defence IQ's 2020 Global Military Helicopter Market Report

Check out Defence IQ's annual Global Military Helicopters report that showcases key requirements and programs from around the world.Top three benefits of downloading this report? Access a detailed, country-by-country list of global programs and requirements Read the latest updates on the U.S. Army's Vertical Lift programReview a comprehensive inventory of...

Getting Future Vertical Lift Off the Ground

A close look at the past, present, and possible future of funding for FVL.

The Vertical Flight Society on the Future of Vertical Flight

Mike Hirschberg of the American Helicopter Society explains key developments and trends in vertical flight aircraft, including commercial helicopters, Joint Multi-Role (JMR) / Future Vertical Lift (FVL), and electric VTOL (aka Air Taxis).

Future Military Helicopters: Survivability, threats and autonomy

Ahead of the International Military Helicopter Summit 2019, DefenceIQ  spoke exclusively to Major Dana Howe, AH-1Z Instructor Pilot, Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One to discuss the key challenges likely to affect survivability, the prevalence of manned and unmanned platforms and systems, and the role of helicopters over the...