Enhancing Rotary Capability Through Future Vertical Lift Acquisition & Asset Modernization 

IDGA's 5th Annual International Military Helicopter Conference will provide a means to discuss the ongoing efforts to meet the next generation of innovative rotary wing aviation assets to bolster air and battlefield overmatch. The US Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program will develop the next generation of military helicopters. Along with continued modernization and maintenance, FVL is driving helicopter capability development on a global scale, ushering in a new age of rotorcraft capability.

The conference will also provide an in-depth viewpoint into the rotary wing aviation capability development needs and efforts of our NATO and Allied Partners. Join us for a senior-level understanding of the modernization and new platform development challenges experienced by our International partners in order to drive future collaborative initiatives for helicopter operations, capabilities, and programs.

As a result of the Department of Defense's decision to extend the travel ban to June 30, IDGA has made the executive decision to host this Summit online on our digital platform. Our team's top priority is to be aligned with the recommendations and procedure of the Armed Services and Federal Government at this time, while remaining a stalwart source for education, networking and shared learning for leading stakeholders across the DoD, Federal Government, industry and more.

2020 Speakers