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Military Flight Training USA 2020 Online Event Agenda

Welcome to the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement’s 6th Annual Military Flight Training conference! The conference is driven by emerging ideas and initiatives from leading stakeholders across the flight training community.The level of sophistication for current and eme ...

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2019 Global Military Flight Training Market Report

Download the 2019 market report about the current state of the Military Flight Training industry across the globe.

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T-X Integration: Current Challenges, Future Outlook and the Next Generation of Fighter Pilot Training

Air Force mission-capable rates hit have their lowest point in 6 years, down to 69.97% for 2018, representing an 8% decrease from 2012. In laymen’s terms, only 7 out of 10 Air Force planes are able to fly at any given time. Though, that same year, former Defense Secretary Jim...

Advancing Operational Readiness Across the Military Flight Continuum

A conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Michael Schmidt, Director, Strategic Initiatives, T-38, Instructor Pilot, Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot TrainingWe sat down with Lieutenant Colonel Michael Schmidt to discuss how the USAF is:Maximizing resource availability, task repetition, and familiarization with the flight environment.Embracing the next generation of flight training technologies such as...

Future-Proofing Pilot Training & the Impact of the TX Trainer

A conversation with Major Michael Rosenquist, Head of Flight Safety and Military Flight Training System PM, Swedish Air Force.We sat down with Major Michael Rosenquist to discuss:advancing operational readiness across the military flight continuumtransferring knowledge from the "Top Gun" generation of pilots to the next generation of traineeshow the introduction...


[VIDEO] Military Pilot Retention: Emerging Stronger in the Face of a Challenge

The Military currently faces a shortage of 2,000 pilot in the force. To combat this, a variety of strategies are in place. From VRAAD to aggressive recruitment initiatives, the Military is doing all that it can to not only keep the strong personnel it already has, but also to recruit...

BAE Systems: Training Solutions for the Modern Aviator

The British-made Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer currently provides pilot training for 21 of the world's air forces. Archie Neill, business development director for BAE's defence information, training and services unit, takes Defence IQ through the benefits the company's solutions provide during the annual Military Flight Training conference (London, UK).

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The Military Pilot Retention Crisis, Part 1

As the US Military faces one of the most serious pilot shortages of all time, the issue of retention is at the forefront. Pilots are leaving the force in droves, but the question is why? Part 1 of this two part series breaks down the reasons behind low retention numbers....

Top 3 Significant Developments In Flight Simulation

The need for combat flight training and simulation has been around for over a century now. In 1914 ground based simulators were designed to better help the air gunners perfect their ability to effectively hit targets. Fast forward one hundred years... read more

U.S. Air Force T-X programme taxis for takeoff

Earlier this year, the U.S. Air Force finally rubber-stamped funding for its T-X fixed-wing trainer modernisation programme...


Global Military Flight Training Market Report 2019

Download the 2019 market report about the current state of the Military Flight Training industry across the globe.

PART 1: USA Market Report 2017-2018

Part 1 of the USA's Market Report on Military Flight Training statistics. This includes fixed-wing training aircraft as well as rotary-wing training air craft. Market overviews, as well as notable key programs and requirements are also featured in this comprehensive report.

PART 2: Global Market Report 2017-2018

Part 2 for the Global Market Report on Military Flight Training statistics is here! This includes fixed-wing training aircraft as well as rotary-wing training air craft for the enitre world including Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America and more. 

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The Final Countdown

An analysis of the top three contenders for the T-X, the military's latest flight trainer fleet. The 4th Annual Military Flight Training Summit provides a breakdown of these jets just a few weeks before the final announcement of the T-X contract, to be awarded by the AETC.

Military Pilot Retention: Emerging Stronger in the Face of Challenge

Retention in the military is always a challenge, but now more than ever. The current numbers leave us at about a 2,000 person shortage, causing many to wonder how the military will remedy this. From new pilot training programs to expanded VRAAD to innovative strategies, there are a multitude of...

2018 Presentations

Leveraging Game-Based Technology to Deliver 5th Gen Readiness

Introducing Prepar3DTM as an open-architecture, all-in-one simulation engineLeveraging Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality to create immersive training environmentsBuilding realistic scenarios to support training from initial to advancedPresentation by Adam R. Breed, Engineering Project Manager, Prepar3D, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Developing a Realistic Threat Environment and Maintaining Pilots Operational Readiness

Incorporating new training styles and providing the latest in flight simulator technology to deliver pilot trainingDeveloping instructional plans for future pilot classes to fly existing and future aircraftEquipping new pilots with the necessary skills for successful operational deploymentCircumventing budget shortages through smarter use of resources in pilot trainingPresentation by Colonel...

Live Virtual Constructive for Training (LVCT)

CNO guidanceLive, Virtual, Constructive for Training (LVCT)Addressing LVCT ChangeLVCT Management: Organize for enterprise approachLVC Distributed Operations Center (LVCDOC): Create a technical gap ID and R&D LVC environmentPresentation by Kent Gritton, NAWCTSD

Learning Next: Ensuring Our Competitive Advantage for the Next Fight

Priorities for innovating trainingsMachine learning and AI for next generation pilot trainingPresentations by Lt. Col Matthew D. Strohmeyer, Commander, 560th Flying Training Squadron, U.S. Air Force

Adaptive Learning and What's Next

Basic training to high performance, high reliability environmentsAdaptive learning has transformational potential for all levels of training where the resulting performance mattersLearning engineering for the future needs to advance, the impact will be significantPresentations by Ulrik Juul Christensen, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Area9 Lyceum