OneiD Concept Paper

IATA’s vision of an “end-to-end passenger experience that is seamless, efficient and secure” aims at offering passengers a frictionless airport process allowing the possibility to walk through the airport without breaking stride. Today’s reality is that the combination of increasing passenger numbers, limited physical infrastructure, enhanced security requirements and legacy processes results in more friction and a complicated, unpleasant experience for passengers.

Trust Frameworks for Identity Systems

This paper sets out a clear description of a trust framework and its role in governing an identity system, addressing questions such as: What is a trust framework? What is it used for? Why is it important? And what goes into a trust framework?

Whitepaper courtesy of Open Identity Exchange (OIX).

Law Enforcement and Biometrics Market Size and Technologies

This white paper provides a brief, updated overview of the market size and technologies available for the law enforcement market in the United States. Courtesy of Biometrics Research Group, Inc.

Mobile Biometrics Market Analysis

This report by Biometrics Research Group, Inc. examines the growing drivers for mobile biometric authentication and a primarily mode of biometric standardization.

Facil Recognition: Art or Science

Today, innovative facial recognition technology techniques make it possible to generate investigative leads regardless of image quality. Part science and part art, these techniques offer your agency the opportunity to cut through the frustration and generate higher-quality leads to protect. Courtesy of Vigilant Solutions.