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Directed Energy Systems 2020 Fall Agenda

IDGA’s Directed Energy Systems 2020 Summit will focus on the latest deployment, experimentation and operationalization assessments of the technology for the benefit of the Armed Services. Meeting the unique engineering challenges to deliver operational functionality will be of great importance to ...

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From R&D to Live Deployments: Directed Energy FY21 Budget Highlights

For over 40 years, the DoD has sought to develop and deploy high energy laser weapons. In FY21, this dream could finally become a reality. After decades of research and testing, the DoD is finally on the cusp of successful directed energy deployment. At $106.6 billion, the DoD’s FY 2021...

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Here is a list of titles, agencies and organizations who signed up for the Directed Energy Systems Summit last June!

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2019 Past Presentations

Driving the Departments's DE Research: Current Direct Energy Priorities

DRIVING THE DEPARTMENT’S DE RESEARCH: CURRENT DE PRIORITIESVision for a DoD DE Technology Plan: technological prioritiesOut of development and onto deployment: necessary next stepsChallenges of integrating HELsPresentation by Harry Sinsheimer, Deputy Director,, Joint Directed Energy Transition Office (DE JTO)

Responding to the Directed Energy Opportunity Space

Presentation by Dr. Howard Meyer, Research and Engineering Technical Expert, Strategic Analysis, Inc.What's changed in the global threat environmentPotential DEW Uses in CombatCurrent Global HEL Development EffortsHigh Power RF Weapon Development EffortsStatus of US DE R&DWhat’s Needed to Help Us to Transition DE?

Executing the DE Experimentation Campaign: Update on Testing Efforts with 704th Test Group

Defining a concept of DE operations, tactics, and techniques to include implications to doctrine, materiel, organization and trainingEvaluating off-the-shelf HPM and HEL capabilities against group 1 & group 2 UAS: lessons learnedCharting a course to transition DE weapons to operational users: near-term initiativesPresentation by John Cao, Director, DE Combined Test...

NATO’S Plans and Programs for the Development of DEW

Efforts to incrementally develop laser weapons for Naval application: necessary next stepsUpdates on the Directed Energy System Integration Lab for 2021Supporting effective integration of DE capabilities for Naval assetsPresentation by Pascal Paulissen, Secretary SAS-140, Science & Technology organization, NATO

Updates on the Joint Laser Systems Effectiveness Joint Test Program

Updates on JLaSE and J-FLaME joint feasibility studyChallenges associated with collateral damage estimate and weaponeering for DEL in the joint battlespaceDesired capabilities needed to support the integration of HEL for joint operationsPresentation by Mr. Scott Boyd, Director, Joint Laser System Effectiveness Joint Test, NSWC Dahlgren 

2019 Directed Energy Summit Post Show Report

Want to learn more about what happened in 2019? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: attendee statistics, what to expect in 2020, and more!

Infographics & Expert Insights

Directed Energy Outlook: Preparing for Full Deployment

In this exclusive Q&A, Harry Sinsheimer, Deputy Director, Joint Directed Energy Transition Office (DE JTO), answers the following questions:What DE priorities will/should take precedence in 2019 and 2020?How can we best prepare to move out of development and onto deployment?What are the largest challenges today in integrating HELs?Tentatively, what are...

Defence IQ's Directed Energy Global Report: International Program Updates & News Digest

The rapidly increasing maturity of directed energy systems underscores that the time has come for nations to transition towards DES for defence. The concept of using high-energy and directed energy systems is gaining traction among multiple nations around the world.In the past few years several nations have seen an increase...

Global Investment Survey Infographic: Directed Energy Systems

What is the place and utility of Directed Energy Systems in the military? That’s what Defence IQ wanted to understand through this survey, covering the main areas of interest in regards to DES, what the investment priorities are, what main challenges are facing the operators of the technology and what...

U.S. Directed Energy Priorities to Achieve Battlefield Overmatch

To achieve battlefield overmatch and superiority, the U.S. is working to expedite DE programs and initiatives for operationalization in the near term. With this in mind, we took a look at recent directed energy developments in China, Russia, and the United States. Download this report to learn all about how...

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