Directed Energy Systems 2020 Fall Agenda

Directed Energy Systems 2020 Fall Agenda

IDGA’s Directed Energy Systems 2020 Summit will focus on the latest deployment, experimentation and operationalization assessments of the technology for the benefit of the Armed Services. Meeting the unique engineering challenges to deliver operational functionality will be of great importance to moving this technology into operations, one that will be discussed at a senior-level viewpoint at IDGA’s DE Summit!

Join us as we discuss:

  • Guiding DE Technology onto Next-Gen Platforms
  • Operationalizing DE Capabilities to Bolster Battlefield Ops
  • Enhancing Laser Beaming and High Power Microwave Capabilities 
  • Understanding DE’s Role on the Warfighter
  • Advancing Power Generation and Storage for Force Flexibility

To get a copy of the full event agenda via email, contact us here

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