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Defense Predictions 2020: New Technologies and the Global Cyber Security Threat

The increased threat from cyber attacks and increased dependence on intelligence from low-trust sources such as Internet and IOT devices will lead to even more emphasis on cross-domain ways of working such that users of highly sensitive intelligence analysis systems can get access to the raw intelligence that they need. In this in-depth whitepaper, learn more about the future of cyber security in defense as well as the top emerging solutions transforming the sector. Plus! Read expert interviews related to:

  • Attacks on OT and IIoT, AI and a Global Cyber Security Treaty
  • Why Cyber Security Will Continue to be a Problem
  • The Top, Most Disruptive Defense Technologies
  • DoD 2019 priorities

Defense in the Age of Cyber-Warfare: FY2020 Budget Highlights

Future wars will be waged not just in the air, on the land, and at sea, but also in outer space and cyberspace, increasing the complexity of warfare. In an effort to preserve U.S. cyberspace superiority and stop cyber attacks before they hit our networks, the DoD will invest more than $9.6 billion in cyber security programs, solutions and infrastructure in 2020. The infographic below highlights where the money is going and how these investments will help prepare the Joint Forces to face the threats and challenges of the increasingly complex security environment of the cyber era by:

  • Reducing risk to DoD networks, systems, and information by investing in more cybersecurity capabilities
  • Supporting offensive and defensive cyberspace operations
  • Modernizing DoD’s general purpose cloud environment