June 26 - 28, 2019
Sheraton Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

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Cyber Security For Defense 2019 Event Guide

June 26-28  I  Washington, D.C.As the defense and intelligence world becomes ever more connected, there are more opportunities for security breeches. Our event promises to bring together critical ...

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Defense in the Age of Cyber-Warfare: FY2020 Budget Highlights

Future wars will be waged not just in the air, on the land, and at sea, but also in outer space and cyberspace, increasing the complexity of warfare. In an effort to preserve U.S. cyberspace superiority and stop cyber attacks before they hit our networks, the DoD will invest more...

DoD Cybersecurity Priorities, Challenges and Updates from the 2018 GAO Report

In October 2018, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a series of in-depth report outlining the federal governments’ top cybersecurity challenges and providing guidance on how to address them.According to the report, the DoD is facing a number of widespread, systematic and mission critical cyber vulnerabilities that, in particular, threaten...

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Past Presentations

Strategies for Protecting Critical Infrastructures From Cyberattack & Making Them More Resilient

Identifying weaknesses in the system to inform improvement decisionsAcquiring the tools to increase protectionIncorporating cybersecurity in the planning phase of new infrastructure projectsFred Ruonavar, Chief Contingency Operations, DISA

A Review of the NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework for Federal Agencies

Overview of the NIST Cybersecurity FrameworkMaritime Transportation System (MTS) Subsector ExamplesDetermining the Path Forward for DoD CSF ProfilesPresentation by Julie Snyder, Lead Privacy & Security Engineer at MITRE

Post-Quantum Cryptography and Standardization

Quantum key distribution (QKD) promises to provide perfect encryptionHacking attempts of QKD transmission cannot go unnoticed by the administratorThe technology is using mostly commercially available technology to protect dataDr. Lily Chen, Mathematician, Manager of Cryptographic Technology Group, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Russia’s Approach to Cyber Warfare

The role of cyber in Russian and Iranian doctrine and strategyHow Moscow and Tehran use cyber to achieve their objectivesCyber capabilities and trendsDr. Michael Connell, Principal Research Scientist, Center for Naval Analyses

Additional Reading

Top Recommendations for Defending Against Cyber Threats

We sat down with Dr. Michael Connell and Dr. Lily Chen to discuss protecting sensitive and critical information. Dr. Connell is the Principal Research Scientist for the Center for Naval Analyses and Dr. Chen is currently Project Manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Both share insight into...

The State of Cyber Security in Defense

As international tensions continue to rise, the importance of cyber security within private defense contractors will become all the more prominent. Digitized warfare has already become a major weapon on the geopolitical stage with world powers and rogue states alike routinely probing defenses and assessing the scope for espionage. With...

Defense Predictions 2020: New Technologies and the Global Cyber Security Threat

The increased threat from cyber attacks and increased dependence on intelligence from low-trust sources such as Internet and IOT devices will lead to even more emphasis on cross-domain ways of working such that users of highly sensitive intelligence analysis systems can get access to the raw intelligence that they need....

Everything you Need to Know About the $583 Million Increase in Cybersecurity Funding for FY2019

We took a look at the top ten departments scheduled to receive the most additional funding for cybersecurity in FY2019. This infographic shares where these departments are looking to spend in 2019, as well as how much their cybersecurity budgets have increased over the last few years. The FY 2019...