Arctic Patrol

Driving Collaboration and Technological Advancement to Bolster Arctic Operations and Security

IDGA’s inaugural Arctic Patrol Summit will provide a timely and relevant opportunity to discuss and advance Arctic security discussions across the range of US Military operations. As the Arctic operating domain attracts increasing attention from both partner nations and near-peer competitors, US security and economic interests will intertwine with the Arctic area of responsibility even more so, requiring the development on new age strategy and policy.

Increased accessibility and activity across the Arctic domain as a result of environmental change and economic interests is prompting Arctic and near-Arctic nations to lay claim to this area to leverage the vast amount of resources and geographical advantages this domain provides. This global effort is prompting the US and other nations to review and adjust their Arctic strategy, policy, research efforts, and Military efforts to maintain their own competitive advantage in this domain.

As long-term trends point to a more consistently navigable and competitive Arctic region, it will require the US to address these realities and outline next-generation Service-wide strategy and direction to succeed in the new Arctic.

Join IDGA’s Inaugural Arctic Patrol Summit for the unique opportunity to collaborate and network with key leaders, international partners, solutions providers, and subject matter experts across the full range of US and International Arctic domain operations and mission sets. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to network, share, and learn to better understand the future direction of US Arctic domain dominance.

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The Arctic Patrol Summit 2019 will focus on the
below initiatives:

Acquiring and Developing Bespoke Arctic Platforms to Bolster US Arctic Operations

Upgrading Legacy Platforms with Bespoke Arctic Capabilities to Enable Arctic Mission Sets

Addressing ISR and Communications Capabilities in the Arctic Region

Driving Collaboration and Unity of Efforts in the Arctic Region

Enhancing Technical Capability to Operate Effectively in a Dynamic Arctic

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