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Homeland Security
Contributor: IDGA Staff
Posted: 04/23/2015
IDGA Staff

Take a look at the cyber experts who have already signed up to attend the upcoming Cyber Security for Defense event to discuss the ever-growing need to combat the intense rise of cyber attacks on the government and military. Will you be there this June 24-26 in Augusta, Georgia to meet and network with them? Full Article »
Posted: 10/30/2013
Highlights from the Homeland Security EXPO 2013

Over 1000 participants came together at IDGA's Homeland Security EXPO 2013 in Washington D.C. The event culminated over 4 days, with 2 workshops, 2 conferences, and 1 EXPO Hall - featuring the leading experts in homeland security policy, strategy, technology and law enforcement. This video contains highlights from the conference and the exhibitio Full Video »
Contributor: Chris Archer
Posted: 07/26/2013
When asked 'what keeps you up at night'? Special Agent Alysa Erichs, ICE Homeland Security Investigations (Miami Region) explained that the large maritime envionment means 'we are surrounded by our threat'! The following interview is a highly interesting look into the ways in which ICE is implementing the President's TOC strategy, and how the 'Illicit Pathways Strategy' is winning the war on organized crime in the area. Listen up! Full Podcast »
Posted: 09/10/2012
A look at the US’s Busiest Ports, Airports and Highest Theft Areas
This infographic was developed for the Cargo Security Summit. It features some of the busiest ports and airports for cargo shipments in the US. It also highlights the top states that reported the most cargo theft incidents in 2011. Full Sector Report »