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Contributor: IDGA Staff
Posted: 04/03/2015
IDGA Staff
The UAS Commercialization Summit brings together companies and organizations that want to derive business value from UAVs. After running similar events aimed at the defense industry, we’ve started this event due to the increasing interest in commercial applications. This snapshot includes a list of job titles and sectors that we expect to attend along with companies that have attended our previous events. Full Article »
Posted: 01/19/2011
Rotorcraft Survivability in Afghanistan

COL John Leaphart, Project Manager for Aircraft Survivability Equipment, discusses rotorcraft survivability in Afghanistan at IDGA's Helicon. He details the fact that threats continue to become increasingly complex over time and how the enemy is adapting to our new technologies. He also talks about how constrained budgets will impact the buildi Full Video »
Contributor: Marissa Alvord
Posted: 08/15/2012
NAS JAX is one of the Navy’s fastest growing installations. In the context of rapid expansion, how is their Command increasing energy conservation efforts? IDGA’s @Defense Insider recently spoke with Captain Roy Undersander, Executive Officer, Naval Air Station Jacksonville about the challenges of maintaining buildings and facilities in the face of declining budgets by focusing on stewardship to the environment and reducing NAS JAX’s energy footprint. Captain Undersander also outlines the top attributes industry must be sensitive to during new developments, including the issue of cyber vulnerability. Captain Undersander will be speaking at IDGA's Military Aviation Summit taking place in Jacksonville, FL, November 12-14, 2012. Full Podcast »
Posted: 01/18/2012
IDGA's Top 20 - What you read in 2011...
A Defense industry eBook containing 20 of the most popular articles published on in 2011. Viewed by over 40,000 members, these articles cover a wide range of military and defense topics: healthcare, border security, electronic warfare, armor, vehicles, piracy and more... Full Sector Report »