Inside the Dept. of Veteran Affairs Top Business Transformation Priorities

Inside the Dept. of Veteran Affairs Top Business Transformation Priorities

The Department of Veteran Affairs is entering the third year of an ambitious modernization plan that will transform the administration into a more efficient and patient-centered organization. As of 2018, the most recent year of available data, the VA is responsible for the care of 19.6 million veterans across the US, with 9.17 million actively enrolled in the VA healthcare system. The face value of the insurance policies supervised and administered by the VA totals a staggering $1.22 trillion. 

As you can see, the VA is a massive entity that’s responsible for the care of our nation’s bravest heroes. In order to provide the highest level of care possible, the department is making huge investments to modernize its operations.

In this in-depth investment report, we look at the what, where and why the VA is looking to invest to support their business transformation efforts. Download to get an inside look into:

  • Historical progress. What has already been achieved as well as the challenges that remain
  • Current priorities. The top financial and business transformation solutions the VA is looking to invest in 
  • Future objectives: What's next for the VA when it comes to back-office transformation?
  • How these investments will help the VA achieve its key strategic objectives
    • Modernize Systems and Efficiently Focus Resources 
    • Build Trust; Be Accountable & Transparent
    • Integrated Care & Support, and Excellent Customer Service
    • Easy Access, Greater Choices, and Clear Information to Make Informed Decisions

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