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Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Market Update 2015 | 3rd Unmanned Maritime Systems

The following market update of the Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV) industry is provided by UVS Consulting during the second quarter of 2015. Additional professional insight is provided by Antoine Martin, Principal Consultant of UVS Consulting.

Unmanned Maritime Systems Integrated Roadmap FY2013-2038

Unmanned systems continue to deliver new and enhanced battlefield capabilities to the warfighter. While the demand for unmanned systems continues unabated today, a number of factors will influence unmanned program development in the future. Three primary forces are driving the Department of Defense’s (DoD) approach in planning for and developing unmanned systems.

Expert Insights into the Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Market 2015

The speakers who will take the stage at the upcoming Unmanned Maritime Systems event boast a range of expertise. Find out who has key knowledge into: Requirements for increased autonomy; Unmanned systems for oceanographic applications; Autonomous systems and maritime law compliance challenges; and next generation unmanned maritime solutions, and more.  

The Legal Status of Unmanned Maritime Systems – and why we (should) care

Andrew J. Norris, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard Naval War College, discusses military use of unmanned maritime systems (PB13 and beyond), non-military use, the issues surrounding UMSs, immunities, important maritime functions, international maritime regimes. Also touching on no universally accepted definition of vessel or ship, means of propulsion, degree of autonomic, and more.

Naval Oceanography’s Unmanned Systems Strategy

Tim Gallaudet, Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, speaks about optimizing employment of Navy platforms to fight and win at sea, the Naval oceanography’s experience, three goals for the unmanned systems strategy, and the future of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography.

Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Market Update 2015 - Q3 Report | 3rd Unmanned Maritime Systems

A lot of activity is flurrying around the Unmanned Maritime Vehicle market. This report highlights key movements in the industry - from small, off-the-shelf USVs to Boeing's newest AUV. This round-up also features a handful of past expert speakers who took the stage at the last event. 

Charting Ways Forward in Maritime Security | 3rd Unmanned Maritime Systems

David Burton, Commodore UKN (Rtd.) and Director of Strategy at NATO’s Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, speaks about three themes; The Alliance Maritime Strategy, NATO’s Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, and Maritime Autonomy – Maturity.

UAS Applications for Hurricane Science

Take a moment to read what Scott Braun of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has to say about the future of unmanned systems in long-duration and inclement environments. 

Current And Future Program Priorities Of USW Weapons, Vehicles And Defensive Systems Department

Take advantage of the comprehensive overview of AUV program priorities and learn more about the Knifefish, Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (LDUUV), AFPUUV (Adaptive Force Package Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) - RAZOR, Lightweight (12.75”) UUV System & Payload Integration and more!

Interview: Rear Adm. John Fuller by Edward Lundquist

Interview with Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific and Commander, Navy Region Hawaii courtesy of Defense Media Network

Raven Aerostar Technical Solutions

For over 30 years, Raven Aerostar Technical Solutions has led the market in advanced signal processing and intelligent radar systems. From our Vista F10 Radar, which is tactical in both size and weight, to our Vista F50ER1 Radar, which offers exceptional extended range performance, we deliver a variety of capable solutions from autonomous navigation to extended range maritime surveillance in high clutter environments.