2016 Presentations

The Art of Autonomy: An Autonomy Strategy and Roadmap

Find out What is Autonomy, Why do we need Autonomy, and Applications for Autonomy in this comprehensive presentation by Mr. . Stephen Olson, Unmanned Systems Autonomy Lead, U.S Navy. Great resource for anyone looking to learn more about Unmanned Maritime Systems, Reducing Cost via Manned and Unmanned System Teaming and Leveraging Technology for Military Applications.

Current And Future Program Priorities of USW Weapons, Vehicles And Defensive Systems Department

Take advantage of the comprehensive overview of AUV program priorities and learn more about the Knifefish, Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (LDUUV), AFPUUV (Adaptive Force Package Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) - RAZOR, Lightweight (12.75”) UUV System & Payload Integration and more!

Cross Domain Autonomous ASW Detect to Engage

Demonstrating 3rd Offset Capabilities Presentation by Drew Sweetak, Program Manager, Advanced Concepts & Technologies Northrop Grumman

The Future of Unmanned Maritime Systems Across the Department of the Navy

Overview of Unmanned Maritime Systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Applications. Hilights include Priorities for Newly Establish DASn UxS Office, Future Role of UMS and Unmanned Systems Strategic Landscape. Presentation by Frank Kelley, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Unmanned Systems, US Navy

Unmanned Systems for Maritime Mapping Applications in NOAA

Presentaion by Rear Admiral Shepard Smith, Director Office of Coast Survey, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Offers a practical view of unmanned applications for NOAA with impacts on operations, logistics and risk.

NATO Centre for Maritime Research & Experimentation UMS Priorities

Learn how to identify the necessary challenges and potential inhibitors that could occur from UMS implementation, explore research and technology that will help again terrorism and secure networks and hear about the latest installments from the NATO Research Vessel Alliance and the Costal Research Vessel Leonardo. Presentation by Commodore David Burton, Director of Strategy, CMRE

Unmanned Systems for Oceanographic Applications and Hydrographic Requirements

With current spending for underwater systems surpassing $300 million, the current requirements for production is a necessary discussion. Take a look to learn more about, Requirements for Increased Autonomy, Current Capability Gaps and Upgrading Existing Systems. Presentation created by Dr. William Burnett, Deputy Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command