2nd Annual Network Modernization Summit

Transforming Military Networks to Meet 21st Century Computing Needs  

Returning for its 2nd year, the Network Modernization 2020 Summit (NETMOD) will build on 2019’s stellar platform that provided a unique opportunity to learn, share, and connect with the community’s biggest and brightest minds leading the way in network operations, procurement, R&D, and policy. With speakers spanning the entire spectrum of defense, the inaugural NETMOD event covered decision making strategic perspectives to boosts on the ground operational impact.

Enabling battlefield decision makers to access and receive actionable intelligence quickly and effectively provides a significant advantage over adversaries. However, it is reliant on a communications and IT network capable of such a task. As warfare changes, so too must the networks that facilitate operational activity. With a huge modernization investment currently underway, join us as we analyze the infrastructure, hardware, software, cloud computing, and mobility challenges facing the US Armed Forces, in order to facilitate and aid the advancement of this critical technology.

Given the increasingly complex environment of emerging threats, it is a priority to have modernized networks to support soldier mobility and gain an advantage of adversaries on the battlefield. Legacy systems that cannot currently operate to the capabilities of our soldiers, the need to centralize data, advance communications and mobility on the battlefield, and the vulnerability of networks to hackers are the main drivers for modernization. Soldier readiness and resiliency is in heavy demand and Network Modernization is designed to provide the necessary dialogue to help the military bring their technology up-to-date and into the future.

Network Modernization 2020 will bring together individuals from government, military technology and information officers, stakeholders in the IT networks community, academics, and industry representatives from across the U.S., as well as global stakeholders to discuss the challenges of updating military networks and streamlining the acquisition process. With panels, presentations, Interactive Discussion Groups and fire side chats, this important event delivers a unique environment focused around learning, sharing and connecting as a community driving for future network excellence. You will have the opportunity to share your expertise, while learning about the priorities, strategies, and operations on modernizing networks of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, DoD, DARPA, DISA, DIA and DTIC, amongst other key players.

NETMOD provides a forum to examine and collaborate on major topics including:

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Communication, Mission Command and Data access at the Tactical Edge

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Modernization and movement from Localized Data Centers to Cloud Based Networks

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Joint Information Enterprise Solutions to increase Accessibility and Reduce Deployment Logistics

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Tactical Mobile and Wireless technology, VoIP Capabilities and App Based Systems

2019 Speakers:

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Past Presentation Packet

In preparation for the 2020 Network Modernization Summit, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you.

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