Intelligence Analytics Online Summit 2020


    As the cyber battlefield escalates and systems are flooded with information, the ability to mine, process, and analyze the data in a speedy manner and deliver reliable and actionable intelligence becomes a key player to insure advantage against adversaries. Throughout the years, IDGA’s Intelligence Analytics Online Summit has brought together top leaders from across U.S. Intelligence agencies and from government and military branches to provide a shared platform for information exchange of best practices and leading technologies.

    Continuing our legacy of addressing top U.S. priorities and providing senior leadership, this summit will bring representatives from the CIA, FBI, IARPA, CYBERCOM, IARPA, DARPA, DoD, DNI and many other agencies and intelligence commands across U.S. services.

    With that in mind, Intelligence Analytics Summit 2020 will focus on covering; large scale data collection, validation, real time actionable intelligence exchange, creating a cross-services and cross-allies unified language, as well as, looking at the latest technologies supporting Intelligence Analytics; including Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Systems.

    Intelligence Analytics  Online Summit 2020 will provide you with a unique opportunity to network with the decision makers across the intelligence community who are changing analytics concepts and paving the way for future shared platforms based on agile and professional human factors, backed by the leading AI technologies.

    Join us for the opportunity to develop and challenge what you know, discuss the burning topics in the intelligence community, and take an active part in delivering solutions and generating cooperation opportunities.

    2020 Speakers: