April 29 - May 01, 2019
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

Military Healthcare Summit Media Center

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Military Healthcare 2019 will provide a rare platform to share and discuss solutions and strategies for the way ahead. By covering a wide array of topics, from maintaining a medically ready and medically prepared force, accessibility to healthcare fo ...

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Priorities For Preparing A Medically Ready Military

Ahead of FY2019, the Department of Defense (DoD) is focusing on improving internal business processes and organizational restructuring within the military’s healthcare system. Their goal is to modernize the Military Health System (MHS) into an integrated unit by investing in new IT infrastructure, new, cutting edge digital solutions and internal...

Top 5 Military Health Tech Trends: Achieving Tactical and Strategic Medical Readiness

The Next Generation of Military Health Technology The Military Health System (MHS) is one of the largest health systems in the United States, delivering health services to 9.4 million eligible patients in nearly 700 military hospitals and clinics around the world as well as through the TRICARE health plan. In...

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Digitizing the Military Healthcare Landscape

Check out this packet of past presentations from Military Healthcare 2018 to learn about how previous speakers seek to digitize the Military Healthcare Landscape. Speakers include:Kevin Randall, Sr. Principal of the Medical Portfolio of EngilitySOC Telemed

Demystifying Military Medical Readiness

Curious about military medical Readiness? Check out this exclusive e-book of past speaker presentations from Military Healthcare 2018 all on military medical readiness. Learn from speakers including:BG Jonathan woodson, MD, MSS, FACS, Deputy CDR, 3 MEDCOM (DS) COL Jason Wieman, MD, MPHCOL Paul Friedrichs, USTRANSCOM Command Surgeon

The Military Healthcare View from Abroad

If you are interested to learn about how international militaries tackle healthcare, check out this exclusive e-book from speakers from Military Healthcare 2018. Inside this ebook you will find presentations from:LTC Matthew G. Clark, PhD, PMP, Joint Product Manager of Medical Countermeasure Systems at Chemical Defense PharmaceuticalsAir Commodore Maria Byford...

HOSPEX Tabletop: A Field Hospital Simulation

At the 2018 Military Healthcare Summit, Colonel David J Vassallo led the HOSPEX Tabletop exercise, representing the layout of a tented Medical Treatment Facility or Field Hospital. Learn and practice the principles of command and control, safety, communication, assessment, triage, treatment and transport (CSCATTT) to enhance trauma and medical decision...

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What's Changing Under the NDAA?

A key challenge in implementing the NDAA reform is doing so without obstructing the military's ability to maintain a "ready medical force and medically ready force." To do so,  the DHA is utilizing recent technological advancements lifesaving innovations in an effort to modernize medical forces and facilities. This article explores...


Insights into Telehealth & Transplant Advancements

In this exclusive article experts from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs share with us how they are addressing the advancements in Telehealth & Transplant technology as well as challenges, solutions and the road ahead for veterans affairs.

The Way Ahead: The Military Healthcare Community on Administrative Transition

Following our article discussing the future of the Military Healthcare System under the new administration, we polled our MHS community of over 30,000 people for their thoughts on the matter. Find out the results of the survey now!

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