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Ahead of Future Indirect Fires Summit: Everything you need to know about the Army's Budget for FY19

Ahead of the Future Indirect Fires USA Summit, taking place this August 20-22 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, we took a look at the U.S. Army's FY19 budget request. The budget reflects a major funding boost compared to recent years and seeks to enhance readiness recovery and fill capability gaps. This infographic is a summary of the FY19 updates made to indirect fire weapons and the associated technologies maximizing the US Army’s fires capabilities.

Future Indirect Fires 2019 Solutions Provider Guide

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A Glance at the New Technologies Maximizing the U.S. Army's Fires Capabilities

We took a look at the new technologies that are increasing the U.S. Army's fires capabilities. The Army is currently investing in many new solutions to increase lethality, accuracy and mobility. The 2019 Army ammunition budget allocates more than $376 million toward the purchase of high-explosive and Excalibur rounds, which have been fired more frequently in the fight against the Islamic State than in the previous 40 years.

This eBook covers:

  • The Army's Tactical Missile System
  • Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS)
  • Long-Range Precision Fires
  • M1156 Precision Guidance Kits
  • M776 Full-Bore Chrome Tubes
  • M982 Excalibur Satellite-Guided Heavy Artillery Shells
  • Next-Generation Laser-Guided 120MM Mortar System

Future Indirect Fires Agenda

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