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Future Indirect Fires



With over 150% growth in participants from the previous year in 2019, IDGA’s Future Indirect Fires USA summit is once again expanding its ambition and scope for its 2020 iteration. FIF USA 2019 exceeded expectations by bringing together over 120 Commanders, leading decision makers, technology professionals from the US Army, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil and Italy as well as RAND and JH-APL and a wide industry representation.  

In his Keynote briefing, Major General Wilson A. Shoffner, Commanding General of FCoE, addressed “lethality, Range and Volume of Fires” as the backbone of all development of indirect fires, as well as the importance of international cooperation to over match near-peer development. Future Indirect Fires USA 2020 summit is dedicated to delivering discussions, workshops and presentations addressing these key pillars for the US Army, thus providing you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn and take an active part in the advancement of Future Indirect Fires. It will also provide wider perspectives from our international allies to address one of the Army’s top modernization efforts and create a unique international networking opportunity.  

Located right outside the Fires Center for Excellence, the 2020 summit is committed to provide innovative and advanced briefs addressing the Army’s current top challenges and the modernization efforts of existing arsenals, advancing Artillery systems, the development of LRPF/ PFRMS, exploring smart kits to improve mortar capabilities and the transition of Fire Support into the future.

With over 10 hours of networking, Future Indirect Fires USA 2020 summit will provide exclusive and interpersonal opportunities to connect with partners across the board, build fruitful relationships and open doors for future cooperation.

Join us at the 2020 summit and be part of the international community driving forward the evolution of Future Indirect Fires.

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Why Attend?

Better Understanding on military and government needs and processes for acquisition, in order to secure the bid.

Discover New Emerging Technologies and innovative strategies, improving interoperability and radar capabilities to enhance operation efficiencies.

Test New Technologies during our Demo Drive, evaluate and analyze new technology to advance operations.

Hear from key thought leaders in the Radar community including the latest challenges and requirements for the next generation of radar technology

Join Our Technical Training Day to get an inside perspective and learn more about cognitive radar, spectrum challenges and supporting domain awareness.

Topics we’ll cover include:


Transforming the Battlefield Sensor Network


Next Generation Radar for Contested Environments


Upgrades in Military Radar for UAVs


CExtending and Upgrading the Capabilities of Existing Radar Assets


Patriot Missile’s Reinvention -- Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMIC) at Work


Future Intelligent Military Radar – Cognitive Radar and Autonomous Machine Intelligence


Advancements in Ground Radar Technology


Bistatic/ Multistatic Military Radar for UAV Swarms


Very Low SWaP-C Military Subsystems and Components


Modular Upgrade Opportunities in Major US Radar Efforts

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