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IDGA's inaugural Defense Logistics Summit will provide a platform for the exchange of information relating to the future modernization of multi-faceted defense logistics, and the innovations required by industry partners to meet its vision. As the United States Military prepares to simultaneously operate across multiple domains, be it land, sea, air, or cyberspace, as the prerequisite to address complex logistics demands become paramount. Readiness has become the primary focus across all Service components, one that demands the unprecedented requirements of logistics anticipation, industry collaboration, maintenance capability, material sustainment, and supply chain efficiency.

The Defense Logistics Summit will provide the opportunity for the first time ever, to hear both the shared and nuanced perspectives of logistics modernization across the entirety of the Department of Defense. Join our Summit to actively participate in the best practice exchange of solutions and hear from senior-level leadership on the future demands of industry partnership. Panels, workshops, and speakers will touch on a variety of logistic modernization objectives including Predictive Maintenance, Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Supply Chain Analytics, and other opportunities for innovation across the supply chain. Join IDGA’s inaugural Defense Logistics Summit to better understand the unique demands and challenges for its users, industry strategies for next-generation logistics technology delivery, and the future of military logistics as a whole.

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