Counter UAS- USA Summer 2019 Sponsorship Agenda

Counter UAS- USA Summer 2019 Sponsorship Agenda

The World’s leading Counter UAS Summit is back for it’s third information packed iteration!  Just one year ago, we were just starting to explore what Counter UAS really involved by focusing on CUAS challenges & solutions for both military and domestic agencies. One year later we have become the global go to summit that tackles a wide variety of CUAS topics ranging from protecting airports, drone swarms, directed energy weapons, EW systems, S&T challenges and counter terrorism.

This August 20-22 in Washington, D.C we will take an even closer view on how to integrate the latest technology designed to combat emerging drone threats, while working towards improving the regulatory issues facing all sectors.

Topics Covered Include:

* Military’s Counter-UAS acquisition goals
* Countering drone swarms
* Defending against autonomous UAS
* C-UAS requirements
* Protecting critical infrastructure
* Using APS to fight UAS
* Soft kill and hard kill technologies
* Use of UAS by terrorist groups
* Military’s Counter-UAS requirements
* Mounted C-UAS weapon systems

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