Enabling Hypersonic Overmatch for US Multi-Domain Superiority

The global proliferation of hypersonic weaponry, missile threats can travel across the atmosphere five times faster than the speed of sound, presents an entirely new defense paradigm that upends traditional missile defense notions entirely. Effectively tracking and defeating these threats is critical to our national defense strategy, one that will only grow in importance as the race to hypersonic capabilities wages on.

Near-peer capability development of offensive hypersonic weapons has expanded on a rapid scale, prompting a massive uptake in proposed counter hypersonic funding from the Fiscal Year 2021 Defense Budget Request. Reaching an operational hypersonic missile capability is without a doubt one of the top priorities across DoD, but it is only half of the equation.

Building off of the success of our Hypersonic Weapons Summit joined by the likes of General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Honorable Thomas Modly, Acting Secretary of the Navy, and many more esteemed representative, IDGA’s Counter-Hypersonic Summit aims to enable a thorough understanding of the direction and efforts necessary to enable critical defensive hypersonic capabilities.

IDGA’s inaugural Counter-Hypersonics Summit will provide a senior-level review of ongoing defensive hypersonic efforts that bolster the United States’ ability to conduct homeland defense. Detecting, tracking and defeating hypersonic weapons will be a critical capability enabler for Military operations across multiple domains as these threats continue to evolve in complexity.

Active U.S. Government and Military Attend at
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Topics Covered Include:

Service Roadmaps and Hypersonic Strategy

Guiding S&T Efforts to Meet Extreme Hypersonic Engineering Challenges

Advancing Partnership Development to Ease Unity of Efforts

Testing Opportunities and Cross-Service Initiatives to Bolster Integration

Featured Speakers

Hypersonic Capabilities at the Speed of Sound

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Understand the Navy's Approach for Prompt Global Strike Hypersonic Capabilities

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Learn About the Global Ramifications of Securing Hypersonic Technology

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Grasp USD Acquisition and Sustainment's Hypersonic Priorities

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Receive Top-Level Guidance from USD R&E's Hypersonic Lead

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Laser in on the Army's FY2023 Hypersonic Fielding Roadmap

Exclusive Hypersonic Reports & Resources

Hypersonic Weapons 2019-2027 Market Report

In advance of our Hypersonic Weapons Summit, we have worked closely alongside our Partners Market Forecast in our mission to inform you of the latest innovations and key components of developing hypersonic missiles.

Past Attendee Snapshot

Who can you expect to meet and learn from at the 2020 Hypersonic Weapons Summit? Download our Past Attendee List to find out!

Why Academic & DoD Partnerships are Essential to Winning the Hypersonic Arms Race

Ahead of the 2019 Hypersonics event, we sat down with speaker Dr. Phillip Ligrani, Eminent Scholar, Propulsion University of Alabama-Huntsville to discuss the role of academic research in the development of hypersonic capabilities.