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Counter Hypersonic Weapons Online Agenda

IDGA’s inaugural Counter-Hypersonics Online Summit will provide a senior-level review of ongoing defensive hypersonic efforts that bolster the United States’ ability to conduct homeland defense. Detecting, tracking and defeating hypersonic weapons will be a critical capability enabler for ...

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Counter Hypersonic Attendee Snapshot

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What Are Hypersonic Weapons and How Can They Be Stopped

In this two part article, two hypersonic experts explain:What hypersonic weapons are and why they pose such a tremendous threatThe challenge of developing effective hypersonic defense systems They way forward - emerging solutions and approaches for countering hypersonic threatsWho's developing hypersonic weapons and where they currently stand in the new,...

Detect, Track, Defeat: FY21 Hypersonic Defense Budget Highlights

Capable of traveling at 5X the speed of sound as well as highly maneuverable and precise, hypersonic missiles are not only the deadliest weapons ever created, as of now, they’re unstoppable.  Though the U.S. military is of course developing its own arsenal of hypersonic weapons, the importance of simultaneously designing,...

Missile Defense and Defeat in the 2021 Budget: Hypersonic Strike Development Efforts Continue to Advance

The DoD's approach to missile defense technology development is rapidly changing as the pressure and the need for new, next generation missile defense solution mounts. CSIS Missile Defense Project's in-depth analysis of the FY21 Missile Defense Budget outlines the DoD's top missile defense funding priorities, strategic objectives and potential areas...