Counter-Drone Discoveries
12:00 PM EST

February 24, 2021  Online

C-sUAS Security Survey Findings and Analysis

The Counter-Drone Discoveries webinar offers a comprehensive and insightful look at the daunting sUAS threat facing organizations across different sectors, with a special focus on risk factors, preparations and desired outcomes.

The webinar will highlight how organizations are currently prepared and outlines the tremendous impact that rogue drones are having on their operations and takes you into the mind of your security peers as they evaluate potential counter-drone measures, technologies and solutions, including both feared and desired rogue drone outcomes. Important factors for assessing which drone types pose a legitimate threat will also be highlighted.

We will present fascinating findings on the issue of maintaining continuity while detecting and mitigating rogue drones along with strong views on traditional C-sUAS solutions and their efficacy.

Join us to learn more on:
    • How to identify the most dangerous drones and be better prepared for a hostile drone incident.
    • How to determine and achieve the best outcome of a rogue drone incident for your organization
    • Tips for achieving continuity while detecting and mitigating potentially hostile drones