Castle Biosciences Webinar

February 25, 2021  Online | 12pm EST

Revolutionizing Gene Expression Profiling in Clinical Management of Skin Cancer: DecisionDx-Melanoma Overview

Cutaneous melanoma (CM) is one of the fastest growing malignancies in the U.S., with more than 90,000 cases diagnosed and nearly 10,000 deaths each year. Beginning in as early as 2014, it was documented that there was a higher melanoma incidence rate in the military than in the general population. Since then, the US Congress has established the Melanoma Research Program in the Department of Defense dedicating $10 million to the vision of preventing melanoma initiation and progression.

Melanoma guidelines indicate that management decisions should ultimately be tailored to an individual’s probability of recurrence or sentinel lymph node (SLN) positivity. Understanding an individual’s risk of metastatic disease is essential in providing an appropriate treatment decisions, such as performance of SLNB or intensity of follow up and surveillance imaging that can improve patient care.

Join us for a live webinar with Dr. Sligh and Dr. Powers to hear more about how you can provide this important level of care to your patients.

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