Find the latest information about military vehicles and military vehicle armor. This includes topics such heavy vehicles, tactical vehicles, logistics vehicles, LAV, MRAP, M-ATV, HUMVEE, and more. It also includes information about vehicle maintenance and procurement as well as future military vehicle development.

In an new era of shrinking budges (brought on swiftly by sequestration), making more out of less requires new strategies to be efficient and effective in developing products that supply the warfighters with the tools they need to achieve their mission. IDGA asked Jayson Pankin, President & CEO at AutoHarvest Foundation, his thoughts on the current state of this industry… Full Article »

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The BATT Tour: The Armored Group's Ballistic Armored Tactical Transport -

The BATT Tour: Taking a walk around the BATT [The Armored Group]. Exploring the updates and requirements built into the vehicle for local and national law enforcement. Filmed live at the Military Vehicles Exhibition and Conference 2012 Full Video »

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USMC Vehicle RESET Update

Contributor: Chris Archer
Posted: 7/2/2012

USMC Vehicle RESET Update - Chris Archer

Bryan Prosser, Program Manager, PEO Land Systems explores the USMC’ fleet of replacement vehicles. Speaking with IDGA’s Defense Insider, Chris Archer, examines the current and future mission objectives of the MTVR and LVSR. Listen up as Mr Prosser also highlights lessons learned in theater and how modifications and RESET was applied to reduce lifecycle costs. Full Podcast »

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Global Road Map: Military Vehicles of the World

Use this global road-map to identify the military vehicle capability demands and priorities of various nations around the world. For each country featured on this infographic, you will learn which military armored vehicles are being used by the various representative countries speaking at the 4th Annual Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference. From the EE-11 Urtutu in Brazil, to the Combat Vehicles of the United States, download this infographic and discover who will represent each nation at the exhibition and conference and what they will be presenting on. Full Whitepaper »

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