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Why are we still using 5.56 mm ammo? The 7.62 mm round penetrates cinder block, tires, brick, trees much better than the 5.56 mm. The 5.56 ammo is overspun so it doesn't turn like it's supposed to when it hits enemy combatants and it doesn't penetrate cover anywhere near as well as the 7.62 mm. The explosive effect against enemy combatants only occurs over a narrow window of range and cover whereas the 7.62 mm is a one hit one kill round regardless of cover in many more situations compared to the 5.56 mm. The M16 was selected over the M4 during the Vietnam era because the M4's wood stock warped when it became wet and that's why they went with the M16. Why not make the M4 stock out of composites or plastic like the M16? The selection process of the M16 over the M4 wasn't fair and didn't take into account incorporating M16 materials into the M4. We need to do better for our guys in the field and give them at least as much fire power as the AK-47 fielded by our enemies. We are not there yet. Who is in charge of looking at this issue?

Author: edoctor
Posted: 05/23/2016
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