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We are a building and design group brought tgether to have our Memorial Colseium retro-fit after 50 years. Itwas originaly built as a &quote;Veteran's Memorial Colseium&quote; and over the past 50 years the &quote;Veteran&quote; name was removed and the original Chapel became a store room! Ou adaptive reuse is part of a Portland &quote;RFP&quote; and we are looking for support from all the armed services to mk a real all war memorial t our service men and women who have given this country it's freedom! Our web site: www.VMAAC.Com In Portland the Mayor and school districts banned recruiting in the high schools. We want a recruiting office in our new reuse Veteran Meorial&quote;, along with a new Chapel, offices for returning service men an women to learn what is available in jobs, health, and housing! Our &quote;RFP&quote; is backed by Kiewit, one of the largest building groups in th U.S., WATG design group, and Matthew Miller local architect who served in the Army. On behalf of my dad, Nick Tacheny, WWI Army-Air Corp., my son David N. E. Tacheny, U.S. Army, my unces who served in he WWII Pacific Navy, my brothers who both served in the Air Force and dozens of my cousins who were all part of the military over the decades I am pleased to assist as Project Development Consultant! We need letters, names of those who are in the same mind-set to have support from the Army, Guard, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard to join us in this respect for those who have served and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Thank You David R. Tacheny [VMAAC] The Veterans Memorial Arts and Athletic Center David Tacheny, Development & Financial Consultant 1814 E. 6th Street Vancouver, WA 98661 (360) 718-1834 mobile / (360) 258-9055 fax

Author: drtacheny2006
Posted: 05/23/2016
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