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Lt. Col. AJ Pasagian of MARCORSYSCOM Talks About the ECH

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The United States Marine Corps has led the way in many aspects of combat operations. In keeping with time-honored traditions, the USMC is again taking the fight to the insurgency in it's campaigns in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Given the every changing tactics of the enemy in both nations the Soldiers and Marines in the fight are faced with an asymmetric threat at all times. Whether it is conducting civil affairs missions in re-building schools or power plants, or conducting raids on suspected insurgent safe houses, the USMC and U.S. Army are leading the way.

Both services are leading innovation in the protection of those in the fight. Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) and the Army’s PEO Soldier have teamed up on a new endeavor. The push for the Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) is currently underway and researchers and the defense industry alike are teaming up to provide the latest and greatest forms of protection in the quickest possibly manner.

The safeguarding of a Soldier and Marine is at the forefront in their minds, and included within that is the protection of the upper extremities. Advancements in body armor and helmet technology have saved thousands of lives protecting against direct and indirect fire. The protection against IEDs and EFs are also extremely important. Listen in as Lieutenant Colonel AJ Pasagian (Program Manager Infantry Combat Equipment, MARCORSYSCOM) talks about what the Marine Corps is doing to keep all Marines around the globe safe in next-generation protection and technology.

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