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To Whom It May Concern Regards The goal of sending this email is offering information and awareness of your company in relation to designing a type of aiming and environmental protection aiming for soldiers in tactics of personal or group fight and also guerilla warfare and helicopter operation of military forces and identification operation in different regions. In this plan it is used from microelectronic circuits, programming and image processing technique. Application of these glasses is exact aiming and protection of environment through using different tools. In this plan the bead aiming of gun is eliminated and it is substituted with gyroscope based systems. In this system instead of aiming by bead of gun it is used from glasses equipped with gyroscope. In addition aiming system based on coordinate system sensors is substituted with gun aiming tool. User hold gun in his hand equipped with this system and direction of gunfire is indicated in glasses panel as this mark (+). Sensor for finding coordinate system of this gun that is calibrated in way of it, interprets information related to gun movement into double dimension coordinate system and indicate it on glasses panel of soldier as this mark(+). In this way it is easily possible to obtain correct, exact and safe aiming without needing to adjust gun bead with eye. Advantages of These Sunglasses are as Follows: 1) Light weight 2) Equipped with thermal and night vision lens 3) Ability of magnifying until 10 times higher depending on type of order 4) Exact aiming by using invisible laser 5) GPS system 6) Ability of receiving map and geographical information by GPS system 7) Having network system which prepares ability of sending visual signal data like computer data (Commercial Wireless Ethernet) 8) Information decoder system 9) High lasting battery 10) Water resistant and ability of diving with glasses for depth more than 50m under sea water 11) Resistance against stroke, physical, chemical and mechanical factors 12) Broad vision range 13) Ability of tracking several targets simultaneously 14) Having sensor for identifying face In this process the aiming operation is very exact and information related to movement of gun bead by hand is shown as double dimension coordinate system. Microcontroller receives gun bead based on coordinate system and displaces it on monitoring panel of glasses. This system has different sensors such as compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS board and different type of thermal and night vision lens that in addition to exact and correct aiming, and it offers very useful information to soldier in relation to surround environment. This information includes: Processing environmental images, automatic understanding and processing, intelligent movements, identifying face at range of glasses, thermal analysis of environment, nigh vision, identifying side effects and desired situations, announcing position with geographical coordinate, showing map, receiving information and visual and text messages sent from different bases, exact showing aiming laser, advanced showing the gun aiming coordinate system without using laser as this sign(+) in which all of this information helps user for having correct aiming and making suitable decision and also being fully aware of climate conditions at any time. Interested persons and companies for using this plan in aiming system of their products; may contact with me for selling this design. I appreciate for taking time to read this email. Yours Sincerely

Author: patriot604
Posted: 05/23/2016
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