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The MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION EVER ASKED It has been conclusively proven that veterans suffer from auto immune breakdown; more aggressive than normal cancers, heart and associated problems, PTSD in fact all manner of diseases that one would expect under normal circumstances would not assault people of their original health standard before enlistment. Although it seems fairly certain that Allostatic Load is part of the evolutionary process it seems nearly all of the previously mentioned conditions can be laid at the door of chronic stress resulting in Allostatic Overload, so that is the problem and we don’t know anything about it. It should also be pointed out that after decades of failed psychiatric treatment you would think medical practitioners might look for another cause. Something that was highlighted after studies were called for when cases of the North Sea Convoy survivors and Holocaust Victims were studied. However NOTHING WAS DONE. So for the question: If ALL of these medical and psychiatric problems can be laid at the door of Allostatic Overload, WHY are millions being wasted on PTSD Research and or how Allostatic Overload relates to PTSD when it would seem that Allostatic Overload is the precursor and PTSD is the result. It is madness to use a result as a benchmark to the cause i.e. Allostatic Overload. That is putting the cart before the horse while IGNORING all the other aspects that are not only destroying the military but the general population as well? Answer that and you will have my attention and indeed the attention of the world when the FULL implications of where this must all eventually lead i.e. evolutionary modification of genes that have affected veterans children so badly. The writings on the wall, we are not REALLY keeping people alive, we are tending an ever increasing garden of vegetables that is costing billions at the expense of those who are really alive. And the real disgrace is the fact all groups know about it; psychiatry have a way of measuring it albeit from their perspective, which achieves nothing because it is no good measuring something when you have no idea how to treat it. The medical people have virtually taken a step back except for testing low level stress to discover telomeres are permanently damaged or pretend single event stress has meaning. What chronic stress does must scare the living daylights out of them. Because they have essentially turned their collective backs on it for over sixty years preferring to let the psychiatric lobby to gain ascendance while running around in never ending circles achieving absolutely nothing. Geriatric researchers on the other hand have written reams on it, without following through, probably because they are dealing with the end result not the cause. And it has been PROVEN on animals, insects and plants yet NOT ONE OF THEM KNOWS HOW IT WORKS OR WHAT IT DOES. The only thing they are certain of that it is doing damage but have NO IDEA if it is repairable because they won’t study it from a purely scientific medical approach. Some are now starting to test blood samples and follow the HPA Axis path to try and understand it, but in nearly all cases it is only in relation to their own specialized field. Good grief you only need a pencil to connect the dots and open the mind to have a basic understanding of which is the best approach to understand and perhaps manage it and then take it back to see the relationship between it and their specialties. Syd McLeod 87 Edison Street Wulguru Q 4811 Australia Ph 0747781976 23 Nov 09

Author: macsam
Posted: 05/23/2016
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