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Secret Services: a new paragraph... The humble and the wise people... May be someone didn't understand that, in order to improve and change the manner to be citizens of our world, we need to eradicate prejudices, barriers, social walls getting poor thoughts, ideas and projects.. As we know, we are all the protagonists of the history, without exclusion..Someone who is exalting himself from on high of his erudition can't see what is simple and obvious for the people solving daily the problems of human life. So, to set oneself as power man, to pontificate and judge, can't ever be the right pillars to build a house, a palace, a state, the whole world.. We need the new leaders full of goodwill, of humility and feeling of social justice. Today it's very important to disrupt our &quote;modus vivendi&quote; wich is stagnant. So, open the doors to someone promoting new ideas and new projects which are the results of a true will to change the situation, the &quote;state quo ante&quote;.

Author: fortitudo
Posted: 05/23/2016
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