Three Marines Killed in Triple Shooting at Quantico Base

Mike O'Brien

A Marine shot and killed two other Marines before apparently turning the gun on himself at the sprawling Quantico base in Virginia late on Thursday night.

The shooter killed another male before shooting a female Marine. The gunman’s body was found in a barracks building close to the Officer Candidates School.

All three were junior-enlisted permanent personnel assigned to the school. Theiridentities were not immediately released as authorities worked to notify next of kin.

The killings come just days after seven Marines were killed in a training accident at an Army depot in Nevada, bringing the total number of Marine deaths this week to 10.

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Pentagon spokesman George Little said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel "was saddened to learn of the shootings at Marine Corps Base Quantico."

Mr. Little added: "This tragedy, as well as the tragedy in Nevada earlier this week, took the lives of Marines who volunteered to serve their nation. His heart and his prayers are with them and their families. He believes that the legendary strength of the United States Marine Corps will ensure that they are forever remembered."

The shootings occurred around 10:30pm on Thursday. Police announced a lockdown at the base immediately after. That was lifted at 2:30am on Friday.

Base Commander Col David Maxwell told reporters on Friday: "It's been a long night. As we take care of our Marines and their families that are dealing with this tragedy, I'd also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers as well for our Marines who have lost their comrades-in-arms."

As the investigation continues, authorities have yet to disclose a motive.

The Marine base at Quantico is a large-scale training facility 37 miles south of Washington, which also serves as the FBI's Training Academy.

Early Friday morning, Quantico said on Twitter: "Marine Corps Base Quantico is Code Green at this time. All normal activities are cleared to resume."