Eight Injured in Explosion at New Jersey Navy Base

Mike O'Brien

Eight people, including sailors and civilian employees, were injured in an explosion at a New Jersey Navy base on Tuesday.

The Navy said the blast happened at Weapons Station Earle in Middletown at around 9 a.m.

One sailor is being reated in the hospital for serious injuries.

The seven others suffered minor injuries such as smoke inhalation.

The explosion happened in a boathouse where the victims were carrying out some routine maintenance work.

A Navy spokesman said no ammunition was involved in the explosion and the cause is currently under investigation.

Naval Weapons Station Earle provides ammunition and explosives for vessels.

Its distinguishing feature is a 2.9-mile pier where ammunition can be loaded and unloaded from warships at a safe distance from heavily-populated areas.

No further details about the incident were available at this time.