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Is Universal Core (UCore) being evaluated for use in other areas where the Navy could benefit? Are there significant drawbacks to UCore's open standards data framework? Below is the write up regarding UCore and how it is being used in Ballistic Missile Defense testing as well as by DHS. I was trying to find out more specifics about what the actual test was and what it showed and etc. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :) * Universal Core (UCore) Data Framework to be Implemented in Ballistic Missile (Minute Man III) Live-Fire Test from Vandenberg AFB. SSC Pacific will demonstrate the capability to integrate information from existing ballistic missile defense and space situational awareness systems, using UCore standards, to carry out an operationally significant scenario. UCore provides the integration mechanism between ground-based and space-based legacy infrastructure, mostly radars, for detection and tracking. As lead government engineer supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) for UCore, SSC Pacific provides subject matter experts for Navy and DoD. During the exercise, the Air Force will exercise fundamental tenets of network centric theory in the context of ballistic missile defense, including: live net-centric data feeds from multiple sensors via SIPRNET; orchestration of net-centric services from space, missile defense, and cyber domains; machine-to-machine tasking of sensors usin g resource brokering services; cyber attack detection and defense; DISA enterprise services; and the National Senior Leadership Decision Support System. * Department of Homeland Security (DHS) decision made to incorporate Universal Core (UCore) into DHS Enterprise Architecture as the foundation for interoperability across organizational boundaries to improve information sharing between DHS agencies (Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement) with maritime and federal law enforcement partners. The collaborative partnership between DHS, DoD, and other federal agencies, with technical leadership provided by SPAWAR engineers enabled the successful development of UCore's open standards data framework and will contribute to the Navy's implementation for maritime domain awareness. If you can not answer, can you point me in the right direction to track this down for my boss? Thanks so much! :) V/R Robin

Author: robin24d
Posted: 05/23/2016
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