Product Lifecycle Management: An Unfulfilled Promise

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What Works, What Doesn’t, and a Glimpse Into the Future

"Across the globe companies in Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering and Construction are becoming more aware of the benefits promised by Product Lifecycle Management. The promise of PLM includes streamlined processes and workflows; the right product, project and business information when you need it; and greater collaboration with fewer headaches. Unfortunately achieving these promised benefits has proven challenging for most." -- Marc Halpern Gartner

PLM and PDM are great concepts that are often intertwined. However the traditional, old iron solutions that have been delivered to meet the needs of these ideas have not lived up to expectations of the vast majority of organizations. Meanwhile expectations and ideas about how people work together have changed dramatically. Autodesk is leading the industry in redefining some of these paradigms and creating new expectations around what PLM and PDM mean, how they should work, and what deployment requires. This session will explore some of these expectations, focus on what really works, and put forward a vision for what’s really needed.

In this hour long webcast, you will hear from Keith Perrin, Sr Industry Principal, about how Autodesk seeks to challenge industry preconceptions about what it means to acquire, deploy and implement product lifecycle management.

In this presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges customers are looking to overcome with PLM
  • The realities of today’s PLM processes and IT implementations
  • What delineates success from failure with current implementations
  • How a modern approach with up to date concepts, tools & techniques can drive success
  • How Autodesk is delivering the next generation of cloud based PLM.
Keith Perrin Senior Industry Principal, Manufacturing Autodesk, Inc.